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DIY Painting: 

(1)Diamond painting: Square & Round & AB Beads & Special Shape,Full & 5D Partial,Regualr & Luminous(glow in dark).

(2)Diamond Painting Tools & Accessories: Pen,Storage,LED pad,Roller,Ruler,Square & Round beads etc.

(3)Diamond Painting Greeting Cards,Notebook,Keychain,Hangbag,Wallet,Canvas Storage,Book marks etc.

(4)OEM & ODM both available,MOQ=1pc,different MOQ will be with different prices.

(5)Product theme: Cartoon,Landscape,Seascape,Places,Portrait,Animal,Others.

(6)Product Style: Modern,Abstract,Classic,Traditional etc.

(7)Why DIY painting: 

Release Pressure 

NO Skill Limited

Perfect Gift Or Decor

Enhance Self-confidence

Educational Nature of DIY

Stylish Wall Decor and Gift

Perseverance Cultivate Patience

Experience a Sense of Achievement

Good Idea to Give Friends and Family to Express Good Wishes to Share